ATLANTA – Vacation is over for Commuter Dude, and he's back on the city about two annoying metal plates that have been on North Highland for close to a year.

Russell Clark takes North Highland to work. He first noticed the plates last May.

"I'm just tired of being jarred every time I drive over it," said Clark.

The city's Department of Watershed management had to repair a sewer line beneath the road, leaving the metal plates that were apparently forgotten.

Commuter Dude's gentle reminder brought a city crew to finish the repair job, nearly a year after it started. The crew worked for a couple of days, then left. The metal plates remained.

Commuter Dude reached out to the city again, and was told crews will have to return to restore the manhole before making final repairs to the road. Depending on weather, the work could begin later this week and wrap up the following week.

A spokesperson for Watershed Management blamed the department's limited resources on the delay, and apologized to commuters who've been forced to encounter the annoying plates for the past year.

Commuter Dude will stay on the story until the plates are gone.