CONYERS, Ga. -- Startling surveillance video from Conyers shows two masked men armed with handguns invading a home and demanding cash and valuables.

Investigators say the criminals then pistol-whipped the victim when she couldn't give them cash. Now, with the suspects still on the run, neighbors are taking action to protect themselves.

Some of those neighbors said the most disturbing part of this crime is the violence involved in the attack and that the criminals are still out there somewhere and could target them next.

"It's crazy because I live here to be safe and feel safe," Tomeka Williams said.

Neighbors in the quiet community of Fountaincrest said that what happened is unnerving.

"When I knew that happened two doors down, that was really scary for me because I have children," Williams said.

Rockdale County investigators said that as most families were asleep, two armed suspects approached a home off of Fountain Crest Drive and somehow forced their way in.

In surveillance video obtained by 11Alive, it shows the masked men running upstairs with guns in hand. Officers said that the men begin to demand money from the startled victim off camera. But when they learned there was none to be taken, they pistol-whipped the victim and left.

"I felt really bad for my neighbor," Robert Valentine said.

"I am somewhat concerned for my safety," another neighbor, Carol, said.

Now that this community's tranquility has been rattled, neighbors are looking for ways to protect themselves.

"I make sure that back door is really locked," Carol said.

"We're purchasing cameras and we're going to hook them up," Williams said.

Until these criminals are caught, they don't want to be their next victim.

"We lock car doors," Williams said. "We lock doors and keep the garage down because you just never know."

There is only a very vague description of the suspects. A cash reward is now being offered for information leading to their identities.