A veteran police officer on the road to recovery after a motorcycle wreck took his leg got to meet the Air Life crew that saved him on Tuesday.

Fulton County police Capt. Breylan Hicks lost half of his leg during a motorcycle accident in August. The crash happened the night of Aug. 9 in Fayetteville when he lost control while off-duty and riding his personal motorcycle.

An Air Life crew took Hicks to the hospital and he credits them with saving his life. Tuesday, two months after the crash that Hicks said he doesn't remember, he met the crew who saved him.

"The accident was less than a mile from the house and it was actually on my street," Hicks told 11Alive when he was released in September. "All I remember was, I was going very slow, and all I remember was a flash, but I have no idea what it was. After that, I woke up seven, eight days later."

At Atlanta Medical Center on Tuesday, Hicks came to meet the Air Life crew that flew him from Fayettetville.

"Now you know what angels looks like," a relative told him as he met the crew.

"Yeah, believe me, I've been searching," Hicks replied.

Hicks first met Air Life Georgia's Avou Nasser and Andrew Liles as they arrived at the accident scene.

Liles walked Hicks through what happened after he told them he doesn't remember.

"And we gave you a nice fast ride up here," Liles told Hicks.

Hicks told the crew he kept the belt he wore during the accident because someone grabbed it and used it as a tourniquet.

"And it still has the hole in it, so I'm going to keep it, that's my favorite belt," Hicks said with a laugh.

With a tourniquet on his leg, Fayette County EMS gave the police captain an IV as Nasser and Liles landed.

"We did a quick assessment of our patient, loaded him up in the helicopter and we were only on the scene for a few minutes," Liles said.

Once at the hospital, Hicks headed into surgery and eventually a long recovery.

"First thing I thought was what do we got to do to get past this," he remembered.

It was during his long hospital stay that Hicks kept wondering every time he heard a helicopter about the flight crew he said saved his life.

"I was telling my wife get up, get up, see if that is the helicopter. See if that is the one that brought me in," he said. "I wondered because I had no idea."

With Hicks by their side Tuesday, Atlanta Medical Center honored Nasser and Liles as their Air Life crew of the quarter. For the crew, meeting Hicks again was also an honor.

"That kind of injury, you worry how they're returning to their daily activities," Nasser said. "It is nice to see how much support he has."

Hicks said it is the support he has received that won't let a major injury stop him from returning to work.

"You know I'm ready to get back," he told Nasser and Liles.

In the coming weeks Hicks will be fitted for a prosthetic leg before he returns to his department.

"I got to get up," he said. "I got to move, I got to go. That's it, I'm going to keep moving."

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Hicks has served as a police officer for more than 25 years, 21 of those years on Fulton County's SWAT team.

He's also a father of five children. His wife said doctors have told them recovery time will take nearly one year.

Meanwhile medical bills are mounting. So, his friends set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical costs. In two months, supporters raised more than $8K of their $25K goal.

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