ATLANTA, Ga -- Luggage crowded the Delta baggage claim areas on Saturday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which was an abnormal and eerie sight. as their owners were nowhere to be found to claim them.

“I’m really upset and exhausted, “ said Chizoma Ekechukawu.

Ekechukawu said she’s exhausted because what should have been a standard flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta turned into a nightmare and luck of the draw.

“At first, I got a text around 3 am (Thursday) that my flight from Delta was delayed. Then I found out it was canceled for good, “ she said.

So Ekechukawu said she tried to reach Delta.

“I tried calling the phone line, just kept saying, ‘all circuits are busy.’ I (also) tried getting online. All systems were down,’ she said.

More than 3,000 Delta flights have been canceled , about half of those impacted Atlanta. On Saturday alone, Delta said 275 flights were canceled.

The orphaned baggage paralleled a long line of hopefuls early Saturday, they were people who hoped to get through Security and eventually out of Atlanta.

“I know I spent at least three hours in line to get a car,” said Byron Corbitt who was trying to get to Greenville for his 2-year-old’s birthday.

But for some, a rental car wasn’t an option. As for a hotel? Forget that too, as tired passengers were told they were booked solid.

“Our flight was supposed to leave last night at 9:00 (Friday) and after multiple delays, got eventually canceled,” Bryan Blumanhourst said.

So people using the floor as a makeshift bed becoming common in the airport atrium, in a statement Delta admitted the situation wasn’t ideal.

“It’s money wasted. You can’t talk to anyone about getting your money back,” Ekechukawu said. “And I don’t really know where to go from here."

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Ekechukawu decided to book a flight through Southwest Airlines to get back to Atlanta, after she said numerous cancelations and no communication forced her to do so.

Stranded passengers said the stranded bags are from people stranded at the Hartsfield-Jackson or stuck in other airports across the country.

If you are flying out of the airport, you’re encouraged to call your airline to see if your flight is taking off.