COVINGTON, Ga. -- What's a dentist to do after being involved in a high-speed crash on the way to work? According to Newton County authorities, this one walked the rest of the way and continued business as usual.

The incident happened on July 26 just before 8 a.m. on Highway 278. That's where a deputy turning west onto the highway from Alcovy Road said he spotted a black sports car going at least 100 mph.

In an incident report, the deputy said that the car was traveling so quickly that he couldn't catch up - even in the light traffic - and eventually lost sight of the vehicle. Assuming the suspect had "ducked" into an area business, he reported back to dispatch and moved on to another crime reported in the area.

It wasn't long after that that dispatch reported that they had found the car wrecked and empty on Highway 278 at Baker Street. The deputy arrived and verified that it appeared to be the same car.

It turns out that a Covington officer was ready to take up the chase further up the road. But after waiting several minutes he never saw it passed. It wasn't until the officer received a tip that he went down the road to find the suspect car.

Further investigation revealed that the missing driver was a local dentist, Soloman Yakubov, who worked nearby. They arrived at East Metro Beautiful Smiles and found Yakubov tending to one of his patients. He admitted to driving the car and wrecking.

Despite the incident, it appears Yakubov was only cited for reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. There's currently no documentation to suggest that the dentist was arrested after the wreck.

A representative from Yakubov's office said he was not in or available for comment.