ROCKMART, Ga. -- Detectives have begun a criminal investigation for a house fire in Rockmart where two people are dead and another injured.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at a one-story home on Sciple Street around 8 a.m. on Friday after several people called 911.

The house is near a set of railroad tracks, and workers there were the first to respond. They broke down the door and tried to get inside, but were unable to get past the heavy smoke.

Police officers who arrived next also tried to get inside the home. Minutes later, firefighters were on scene.

Once they were able to contain the flames and gain entry, they found two bodies inside. One body was identified as 73-year-old man, the other is a 65-year old woman. Officials believe the two were a married couple.

Glenn Allen with the State Fire Marshals Office said a 39-year old woman was life-flighted from the scene to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Rockmart Police Chief Keith Sorrells confirmed his department was investigating the fire, primarily because of several unanswered questions.

A white man in his 50's-60's was seen running from the home yelling for help after the fire broke out. Police haven't been able to track him down or determine who he was or why he was in the area.

Sorrells said police had been called to the home for "various issues" in the past, but he declined to elaborate on those previous police calls.