President Trump is expected to announce his plan for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Tuesday. It's an Obama administration program that protected people who were brought into this country illegally as children.

There are nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants in the country who fall under this protection that

Politico and Reuters, citing unnamed sources, reported that Trump had decided to end DACA.


Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation, said Trump will give Congress six months to craft a bill to replace DACA. But a senior White House aide told Politico that John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff, “thinks Congress should’ve gotten its act together a lot longer ago.”

On Labor Day, several groups in Atlanta gathered for a rally at the Immigration Court in Downtown for a rally. They demanded protection for undocumented youth and families.

“Why don’t you just apply for citizenship? Why don’t you apply for residency? Well the reality is because we can’t," said event organizer Marisol Estrada. "That’s why we’re advocating for the Dream Act.”

Photos | DACA rally held in Atlanta on Labor Day

A press release read, "we are standing up for DACA and urging the administration to continue the program and a stop to the deportations of our immigrant communities.

"We reject any compromise for increased immigration enforcement of our immigrant communities, in exchange for legal status for Undocumented Youth. DACA will not be used as a bargaining chip."