DeKalb County Commissioner Gregory Adams is denying allegations that he sexually harassed a county employee.

Adams is the target of a lawsuit filed on Thursday by Ashlee Wright, who filed the claim, through her attorneys, with the county and with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The lawsuit alleges that during the course of her tenure in Adams’ office, he made inappropriate comments verbally and via text messages, including repeated requests to see photos of her in a bikini.

"Through this investigation, I'm sure I will be cleared and exonerated," Adams said. "I make my work environment comfortable for everyone, and I have respect for everyone, especially women. I'm not the kind of person to harass anyone or retaliate against anyone."

According to Wright's attorneys, she initially worked for former DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton. She was hired by Adams in December to be his executive assistant, and was then promoted to district director.

Wright's attorneys say Adams expressed his “love” for her and attempts to have her reciprocate; frequently requested a picture of her in a bikini bathing suit; and requested, during an out-of-town conference, to come to her room at 3:29 a.m.

“This is not appropriate behavior for a supervisor, much less an elected leader and the bishop of a church,” said Wright’s attorney Robert James, who is representing her with partner Bruce Morriss. “Commissioner Adams created a hostile work environment for our client, making demands for ‘quid pro quo’ and ultimately causing her to fear for her job.”

"I will not be deterred or distracted by what's coming toward me," Adams said. "I've never shied away from a false statement that's been made about me, and I will continue to serve the people of DeKalb County."

Wright is currently on paid administrative leave.