ATLANTA -- Thursday a federal judge allowed a vote to continue for the proposed city of South Fulton.

Lawsuits and attempted annexations have blurred the lines of the proposed city. And with at least one of those suits still pending, some residents argued that it didn’t make sense to vote on a city that lacked firm boundaries. But backers of the proposed city prevailed – at least, this time.

"We’re just saying let people vote, let them decide what they want to do, and let them see that it’s in their best interest to create their own city," said state Rep. Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta), who sponsored the bill in the legislature to create the city and authorize the vote.

Months of confusion have produced voters who aren't completely sure if they're eligible for the cityhood vote -- or whether they're already newly-annexed residents of existing cities.

Backers say that if voters turn down the proposed city of South Fulton – it’s likely they’ll get annexed into Atlanta or perhaps other existing south Fulton County cities.

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