ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Police sergeant who shot a man leaving a motocross event outside the Georgia Dome last month already had multiple excessive force complaints against him, documents obtained by 11Alive show.

On Feb. 25, Sgt. Mathieu Cadeau was directing traffic outside of the Dome when he fired his gun, striking and injuring 47-year-old Noel Hall. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Cadeau had instructed Hall to continue straight down Northside Drive in front of the Dome, but Hall allegedly wanted to make a turn down Ivan Allen Boulevard. At some point, Hall moved his car to go around Cadeau and shortly after, the officer opened fire.

It is still unclear why Cadeau shot Hall, and information provided by both the GBI and the Atlanta Police Department have given few details into what really happened.

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According to the officer’s personnel file, he has been with the Atlanta Police Department since 2007, and has been cited multiple times for "maltreatment or unnecessary force.” The documents show he was suspended at least once for one of those incidents; the others he was exonerated for.

One of those excessive force cases resulted in a lawsuit against Cadeau, documents show. Local couple Carolyn Carr and Charles Gibson accused Cadeau of attacking them during an alleged unlawful arrest.

According to the lawsuit, the couple was crossing Peters Street, which had been shut down for a festival outside their Castleberry Hill home. That's when they said they heard Cadeau, who was working off-duty as a security guard for the festival, yell at them to get out of the road. Carr allegedly responded with a curse word and the pair continued toward their home.

Moments later, according to Carr and Gibson's attorney, Cadeau followed them into their garage and slammed the Carr against her car and placed her under arrest. Both were charged with disorderly conduct.

Carr and Gibson are now suing for damages in excess of $1 million after Carr -- an artist and painter -- claimed the officer injured her painting hand. That suit is still pending in the courts.

11Alive's Chris Hopper spoke to the couple's attorney, Edward Garland, who said he believes it's time for Cadeau to be punished.

"He abusively exercised his power and it's just unimaginable," he said. "This man’s judgement when it comes to the safety of the citizens, certainly is at issue.”

Meanwhile, Hall and his family said they plan to also file a lawsuit against Cadeau for the incident, which they've called "traumatic."

"Justice needs to be done," Hall said. "Something needs to be done to him where this doesn't happen to another family."

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