From the first VIP event where Natalie Cole performed to the last Monster Jam this weekend, the Georgia Dome is filled with history and memories. This weekend she will host her last event before being demolished and turned into a parking lot for the Mercedes-Benz stadium.

As the home of the Atlanta Falcons, the dome played host to 256 Falcons games since 1992 when the team moved in.Here is a look at some of the least known facts about this piece of Atlanta history.


The Georgia Dome was hit by a tornado during the 2008 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament. One panel on the roof marks the exact spot the tornado hit. It's a lighter color white than the rest of the panels because it needed to be replaced.

"We call it our little battle scar" Jason Kirksey a representative for the Georgia Dome.

Around 25,000 people were in the Dome when the tornado hit because the game went into overtime thanks to a three-pointer from Alabama's MyKal Riley.

Photos | Georgia Dome damaged in 2008 tornado

"Had he not done that and the game ended, all of those people would have been in the streets when the tornado hit," he said.

ESPNU created a documentary called Miracle 3 about the event. That was the first time downtown Atlanta had been hit by a tornado.


To celebrate the 1996 Olympics, the Sara Lee Corporation sponsored the creation of a 1,996 foot-long hotdog. The New York Times reports it wrapped around the Dome nearly twice.

The dog was not refrigerated and The Times reports it spoiled during the ceremony and had to be thrown away.


Many people know about the basketball tournaments and gymnastics matches held at the Dome during the 1996 Olympics, but there were actually three sports hosted there. Hand ball was also played at the Dome. In total, more than 50 events between the three sports took place at the Dome while the world was watching Atlanta.


During the Dome's 25 years, more than 39 million people came in and out of her doors for various events. The building has a maximum capacity of 72,000 seats and hosted around 1,400 events throughout the years, according to the Dome.

Photos | Fans enjoy last one at the Georgia Dome


While Phillips Arena was being constructed, the Atlanta Hawks played two seasons at the Georgia Dome. An end zone was converted into the basketball court while the rest of the Dome was closed off with a curtain.

When Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls came to Atlanta in what was believed to be his final NBA game in the city, 62,046 people turned out to the game. The crowd set a record for the highest attendance at a regular season game in NBA history, the Associated Press reports.


$7,400,000,000 ECONOMIC IMPACT

The Georgia Dome reports an economic impact of $7.4 billion over the years. It was built in 1992 and through the more than 1,000 events, brought millions from around the world to Atlanta's hotels, restaurants and attractions.


The stadium is selling a pair of seats for $646.92. Falcons season ticket holders can claim the seats they actually sat in during home games until March 3, then all seats will be available. They are first come, first serve. They will be removed from the stadium between March 15-April 15.

For more on the sale of seats and other Dome memorabilia, click here.

Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (L) takes a shoot while being guarded by Atlanta Hawks Tyrone Corbin 27 March in Atlanta Ga. An NBA attendance record was broken as 62,046 fans watched the game.  STEVEN R. SCHAEFER/AFP/Getty Images