ATLANTA -- The woman who was driving the vehicle the night that a prominent Atlanta attorney shot and killed his wife has issued a short video statement about the incident.

Diane McIver died after being shot while riding in a Ford Expedition near Piedmont Park on Sept. 25. Her husband, Claude “Tex” McIver, has called the shooting a tragic accident. He said he was dozing in the back seat when his revolver fired.

Dani Jo Carter, Diane’s best friend of 40 years, was driving the SUV. After the shooting, they drove to Emory Hospital on Clifton Road, where both Tex and Diane had been treated in the past. Diane died in surgery.

"She was looking out the front windshield and she doesn't know what happened other than the gun went off," attorney Lee Davis said. "Her initial reaction was that something hit the car and then Diane said something to the effect of, Tex, I think you shot me."

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In a video statement released Thursday by Carter's attorney, Carter said she spent about four hours being interviewed by authorities downtown about the incident.

"I am cooperating with them, doing what they asked me to do, and I'm just not comfortable talking about that until they talk to me," she said. "I'm really not sure what happens next but I'm just not comfortable talking about it."

Lee added that Carter didn't report any concern over Black Lives Matter protests. He also said that her limited comment at this time is not a sign of wrong-doing.

"Her silence doesn't have have anything to do with anything nefarious. It's simple that she is truly heartbroken," Lee said. "I know there are people out there that are going to assume that because she's not speaking there might be some reason why and there is not."

Tex McIver, who has also stated that he's cooperating with police, said he took a polygraph test to prove that he's telling the truth. The examiner of that test found no deception indicted in any of Tex McIver's answers.

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Police have released few details into the shooting, only saying that they are investigating. No charges have been filed.

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