MARIETTA, Ga – The recent drought almost put a huge damper on the city of Marietta’s holiday spirit.

A local resident had offered to donate a huge tree to the city for it to decorate on the Marietta square. However, when personnel went to cut the tree down on Monday, they noticed it had died.

“We had been watching it and making sure it was healthy and had water, but then we noticed its needles were falling off,” says Marietta city spokesperson Lindsey Wiles.

Fortunately, the city was able to secure a new one from an Athens tree farm. “It would have been nice to have had a tree that came from inside city limits,” Wiles says, “but we were just so fortunate to have found a new one at all.”

City parks and rec personnel were busy all day on Tuesday, installing the 35-foot tree on the square and hanging as many lights and ornaments as possible … before, ironically, another line of rain came through.

Marietta will hold its tree lighting celebration on Thursday evening. This year’s tree will be topped by a nutcracker, Wiles says.