On Election Eve the latest NBC/WSJ poll shows that Hillary Clinton has a 44 to 40 percent lead over Donald Trump, but on the night before the election, the voters are really the story as they prepare to head to the polls.

At face value, this election cycle has the potential to look and sound like so many we’ve seen before, but it is so different.

“I’ve voted in every election since Nixon, since I was 18,” said Sandra Williams, a conflicted Georgia voter.

Williams is a long time voter who watched the debates with 11Alive News and seriously considered not voting for the first time in her life.

“I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Donald Trump,” Williams joked.

She, like so many, are in for a restless night of sleep ahead of Election Day.

In Lawrenceville, a congregation gathered to pray for our country, its voters and its future leader.

“We’ve cried wolf a lot of times, but this one is really important," said Pastor Frank Cox of North Metro Baptist Church.

Faith appeared to be pretty hard to come by on Election Eve. “Our country seems like never before has been this divided,” said churchgoer Brent Spears.

“Overall, everything is going to change based on the election tomorrow one way or another things will look different,” said Cheryl Mahr, who also attends North Metro Baptist.

An NBC/Wall Street Jounral Poll shows 62 percent of Americans said this presidential election has made them less proud of America. Only 12 percent said that same thing in 2012.

Social media is also buzzing ahead of the election. 11Alive asked people to use one word to describe this election on its Facebook page: scared, disgusted, perplexed, annoyed, irritated, depressed are just a few.

If this election has been hard for people to stomach, grab your Pepto and Tums in Georgia.

In its final battleground map, NBC said Georgia is up for grabs.