11Alive News has learned a grand jury will hear the case of a Henry County police officer who killed a man after responding to a 911 call at the wrong house.

William Powell, 63, was shot in the neck by Henry County Police Sgt. Patrick Snook at 1:30 a.m. on June 8. Officers were responding to a 911 call reporting gunshots at a nearby home. Instead, officers went to Powell’s home.

Powell went outside to investigate the noise and took his gun with him. Sgt. Snook shot and killed him after he said Powell refused to put down the gun.

11Alive News has learned that the Henry County District Attorney's office will be taking this case to the grand jury on Dec. 8. It's not clear what and who the investigation centers around.

Politics may play a factor in this case.

District Attorney Wright won't be the DA for much longer.

Darius Pattillo was elected earlier this month. Pattillo is one of the lead prosecutors in the Dekalb County DA's office.

He ran on his experience, saying he's not afraid of the tough cases.

Neither man would comment.

As we first told you in September, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation spent months investigating this shooting and sent their findings to the Henry County Police this fall.

In September, we asked Henry County police for a comment. Captain Joey Smith issued this statement via email:

“We expect litigation and will most likely not be able to give any public comments unless through our County Attorneys.“