PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. -- Students at a local middle school were greeted with profane language when they arrived for class.

Someone spray painted the words '**** School' on a utility box on a one-way road out of Herschel Jones Middle School's grounds. It's near a stop sign where people leave the school property.

Photos | 'F School' sign greets students on AT&T box

The school doesn't own the property of the box, AT&T does. The message was there for days before AT&T responded to the school district's request to have it cleaned up.

Paulding County School District told 11Alive's Faith Abubey that they reached out to AT&T days ago but didn't get a response until Friday. The district didn't clean it up because it's an expensive piece of equipment that they couldn't be liable for.

AT&T responded to 11Alive's request for information about the language and they said it is on their radar.

"We appreciate 11Alive for bringing this matter to our attention. Vandalism is a crime, and the images scrawled on our property are offensive to everyone who sees it. Without knowing who or when the school initially reached out to at AT&T and upon learning of the matter this afternoon, we took immediate action to conceal the graffiti until a permanent restoral can be made."

AT&T said it has reported the case to police, who are investigating the vandalism.