ATLANTA -- It was supposed to be a normal ride to work for 19-year-old Angel Bowens, but that changed when bullets began flying on the MARTA train she was riding.

On Thursday night, during the rush hour ride home, an unnamed suspect opened fire on a full MARTA train in between stations, hitting four people, including Bowens. Police apprehended the suspect at the West Lake transit station, forcing Atlanta’s transit authority to shut down service temporarily. One person was left dead when the incident was over.

Bowens and three other victims were transported to Grady Hospital with gunshot wounds. 11Alive’s Chris Hopper talked to the family of the 19-year-old who was caught in the crossfire.

According to Bowen’s family, when the bullets started flying the teen got up to run and that’s when she was hit. Bowen’s sister Elicia Roberts was on FaceTime amid the chaos and told 11Alive she was just trying to keep her calm.

“(The) Only thing she was saying is she got shot, and she was panicking, so I was just trying to calm her down,” Roberts told 11Alive.

Roberts and another family member rushed to be with Bowens at Grady. Doctors expect she’s going to be okay and cleared her to head home.

“I really thought the worst but I’m so glad she’s alright,” Marketta Bowens told 11Alive.

Marketta and Elicia said Angel is still in shock, trying to make sense of what happened.

“She cries every time somebody comes in the room, she’s sad,” Marketta said. But at the very least, both said Angel knows how lucky she is.

“The nurse told her she must be a praying girl,” Marketta joked.