It's the moment between a dad and his daughter that's been seen by more than 10 million people.

11Alive Chief Meteorologist and Stormtracker Chris Holcomb was in the midst of forecasting an incoming winter storm when he received a text from his teenage daughter saying her weather app said it wasn't going to snow.

"I wondered if she even watched what I just said on TV! So I replied, 'Thank you,' to her comment. I then said, 'Maybe your weather app will pay for your college.' I just thought it was so ironic that her dad is a chief meteorologist, but she still was checking her app for a weather forecast!"

He posted the conversation on his social media pages and it quickly went viral.

Chris said he's learned a lot from the experience.

"I'm learning that 'savage Dad' is a compliment," he said. "I've been called 'savage' a lot! But my daughter says that's good."

Websites from Buzzfeed to picked up that tweet.

Wednesday morning on TODAY, Meredith Vieira told the story to the hosts and fellow meteorologist Al Roker said he could relate.

"My son Nick will, from time to time, go 'Dad that's not what Chris Cimino said.' He's our morning weather guy," Roker said.

He said his reply is then, "Well why won't you go live with Chris Cimino."

Watch the exchange, here.

To learn more about Chris' daughter's reaction to all of this, read the full story, here.

Here are pictures from that snow that did fall in his neighborhood.