ATLANTA -- An Atlanta attorney will be President Trump’s nominee to head the FBI. Chris Wray was a federal prosecutor in Atlanta. He was hired by Kent Alexander, a Democrat appointed by Bill Clinton as US Attorney for the northern district of Georgia.

"Chris is a star. Big on integrity, big on intelligence, big on common sense. He’s kind of the full package as an attorney," Alexander said Wednesday. The former US Attorney says President Trump found a top-notch nominee to lead the FBI in Chris Wray.

"He was always committed to justice. He was non-partisan. He was the kind of person you’d like to have as director of the FBI," Alexander said.

Alexander says Chris Wray also worked alongside Sally Yates when both were assistant US Attorneys in Atlanta. "I hired Chris and put Chris is Sally’s section I believe," Alexander said. Yates led federal public corruption prosecutions. Yates eventually became the acting Attorney General who was fired by President Trump after Yates refused to enforce Trump’s first travel ban.

Chris Wray will be on a bit of a hotseat as FBI director. President Trump fired the previous FBI director – reportedly after unsuccessfully seeking a pledge of loyalty from James Comey.

Alexander says he doubts Trump would get such a pledge from Wray either. "I don’t see Chris giving any kind of pledge of loyalty to anyone other than the concept of justice and the US Constitution," Alexander said.

Former US Senator Sam Nunn (D-Georgia) also endorsed Wray. In a statement, Nunn wrote: "Chris is an outstanding lawyer who is known in the legal community for his integrity, his commitment to the rule of law, and his independent thinking. I have known Chris for many years. His commitment to fairness and justice gives me confidence that he will put the country first in every decision that he makes.”

Wray is accustomed to the hotseat. He led the Justice Department’s criminal division after the 9/11 attacks. As a private attorney, he was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s lawyer during the Bridgegate scandal.