ATLANTA -- Five fraternity brothers are making a new holiday tradition with their march from Atlanta to Athens, Ga. - a journey that began Friday.

Their goal: to raise money for breast cancer research after losing someone they loved.

“We’re just starting our journey here,” Scott Berta said.

It will take 25 hours for Berta and his fraternity brothers to make the walk.

“We’re all pretty much just coming off the sofa and walking 68 miles,” he said.

And they won’t be alone on their march.

“We have people who are jumping in for two, three, four or 15 miles here and there to help us out along the way,” Berta said.

He started the tradition in 2015 after his pledge brother’s wife died of breast cancer.

Julie Bellem had walked the Susan G. Komen 60 Mile March and dedicated her life to raising money and awareness to fight the disease.

“We have a 37-pound sandbag to symbolize her time here, 37 years when she passed,” Berta said.

On their GoFundMe page, the brothers explain that they won’t stop on their trek because cancer patients never get a break from their fight.

“We have check points that we’ll stop for 20, 30 minutes,” Berta said. “We’ll restock, refuel, food. But there is no stopping. There are no hotel rooms; we’re going straight through.”

In 2015, they raised $9,000. For 2016, the group already has up to $11,000 and they’re hoping more people will contribute along the way.

“We really hope to get more donations while we’re doing it,” Berta said. “We’ll be ‘Facebook Live-ing’, Instagramming, social media. Making people aware of what we’re doing, how we’re doing.”

Berta said all of the money raised will go to find a cure.

“We are here for every woman that has fought or lost with cancer,” he said.