ATLANTA -- Getting around metro Atlanta can be tough -- especially for vets with medical disabilities.

"Transportation can be difficult especially for the condition of the vehicle I have," Vietnam veteran Dennis Danylchak said.

This former combat medic still struggles with his ailments.

"I just had knee replacement in February,” he said. “I just had my hip replaced in June."

But Progressive Insurance, Enterprise Rental and other corporate sponsors came to his transportation rescue.

Employees surprised Dennis with a refurbished set of wheels.

"This is a mind blower because I never expected this," he said.

It’s their way of saying thank you.

"Wow this can't be for me," he said in disbelief as applause filled the room.

It’s part of the annual Keys to Progressive Program

"It’s just a way to honor veterans," Scott Farrar of Progressive said. "Today we'll be giving over a hundred cars to veterans across the country."

Dennis's daughter Erica called it a Godsend.

"This is going to give my dad more mobility so he can do things in the later years of his life," she said.

This was no small project, either. They did a lot of work to get it ready.

"Parts and labor on this is around a $15,000 job," Progressive technician Jeremy Sutton said.

But for those involved it was worth it. And for Dennis, it was an act of kindness that he’s still having trouble wrapping his mind around.

“It’s just unbelievable,” he said.

Dennis said one of the first things he's going to do with his new set of wheels is drive to Florida to see his son.