Was it out of pettiness? Maybe. None the less, die hard Falcons and Future fans want the Atlanta rapper to 'sing' the National Anthem when the Falcons go against the Seattle Seahawks Saturday.

For those of you who do not know why this is a relevant thing, let me catch you up.

Future is a rapper who was once engaged to Ciara, an R&B singer who is now married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

So, fans of the Falcons created a petition to get Future to sing, possibly rap, the National Anthem. Maybe it was created to troll Wilson.

The petition states:

"Russell Wilson is a chilly pimp. I don't f#&k with him because he reminds me of Eriq LaSalle's character, Darryl Jenks, the heir to the Soul Glo empire in Coming to America. Future coincidentally was engaged to and reportedly laced Russell's current wife in Gucci flip flops. I believe that if Future sings the national anthem, Russell Wilson, the Seahawks, and Soul Glo will all take Ls. This would be great for humanity but especially America, which we all know is going through a very tough time right now."

Now, it is unclear what 'laced' means but we are going to assume it means 'stole' or 'took'.

What do you think. Should Future perform the National Anthem? Possibly with a featured Atlanta artist like the trio Migos?

The petition already has 1,585 out of 2000 supporters. Despite that, it is very doubtful this will actually happen, according to a Tweet by Vaughn McClure,

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