GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Four-legged furry friends serve as companions to some inmates at the Gwinnett County jail.

"It's a rescue program for dogs who will be euthanized," said Deputy Shannon Volkodav.

Operation Second Chance, started seven years ago allowing inmates to care for dogs as their own. The dogs live with the inmates who take on the responsibilities of feeding, housebreaking and tend to any medical needs.

"They have a lot of pride in what they do," Deputy Volkodav said, "The program benefits the humans as much as the dogs. They rescue the people too."

While most of the dogs in the program are healthy, a few of them are dealing with lifetime ailments.

Bandit is one of those dogs. He was paralyzed after having a bad reaction to heartworm treatments leaving him in a wheelchair. Bandit has been a jail dog for three years, now he's looking for a forever home. Deputy Volkodov said over 300 dogs from the program have been adopted. She's hoping Bandit will be the next.

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