Since it's Saint Patrick's Day and everyone is wearing green, we thought we would ask: what does green mean to you?

The color green has so many meanings.

It can have a positive connotation: money, growth and renewal and nature.

It can also have a negative connotation: money, envy and rot.

But everyone has something that they think of when they think of the color green.

We asked our morning anchors what they thought of when they think of green.

Crash thinks of his wife...sort of.

Chesley thinks of a whole bunch of green stuff and somehow, ties weather into the whole mix.

And our Vinnie Politan, well, he thinks of something that is just out of this world.

And our newest Atlanta Alive family member, Cheryl, well, as she makes the side-eye at Vinnie (who's desk is right behind her's). She thinks of something a little more earth-friendly.

It's okay Cheryl, we don't think that's boring.

So what do you think about when you think of the color green? It could be your wife's eyes (again, sort of), it could be Kermit the Frog, it could be aliens or it could be the environment.

Whatever you think of when you think of green, we hope you have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day and are loving all of the green. We obviously do.