LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Gwinnett County and state forestry firefighters spent all day battling a wildfire near a popular Gwinnett County park.

The 4.5-acre fire started Wednesday in a wooded area of Harbins Park and they spent most of Thursday fighting it.

The Gwinnett wildfire got repeated attention from an airborne water bucket, brought in almost 24 hours after a nearby resident first spotted a plume of smoke from deep inside the woods on the edge of Harbins Park.

"I am quite nervous," said John Kennedy, one of the dozens of residents who live nearby. Though it’s not clear what started the fire in the woods beyond Kennedy’s property, it’s clear the dry weather fueled it.

Firefighters were unable to get heavy equipment close to the fire, forcing them to haul in hand-held gear to try to build breaks around the blaze – in an effort to contain it and extinguish it.

"Firefighters with water cans, fire breaks, hand tools were cutting a fire break around the area. We have estimated four and a half five acres of dry dense underbrush," said Capt. Tommie Rutledge of the Gwinnett Fire Department.

"Until it rains, I’m going to remain quite nervous. Because I thought the fire was removed and gone out last night," Kennedy said. "Apparently it’s back today."

Fire crews said Thursday night the fire was mostly extinguished, but planned to continue patrols during the night and recheck the fire area Friday morning.

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