Fireworks sparked a blaze outside a home on Hidden Branches Drive late Monday night.

Dunwoody Police and DeKalb County Fire-Rescue arrived to the home at around 11 p.m. where they found a family's vehicle fully engulfed in flames. A police officer said the family discarded used fireworks into a trash can.

"We just want to let everybody know that there is a proper way to dispose of fireworks. This is not the proper way. They actually put the fireworks into a trash can and it was still lit and actually caught the trash can on fire and now the vehicle is fully involved and it looks like a basketball goal is on fire," an officer at the scene said.

Everyone made it out of the home safely and no injuries were reported.

WATCH | DeKalb firefighters extinguish vehicle fire

Water is key to proper disposal of fireworks. According to the National Council on Fireworks Safety, "Used fireworks should be soaked with water and placed in a nonflammable trash can outside; several feet away from a house, garage, deck area or anything else flammable."

Click here for more fireworks safety tips.

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