A cruise ship collided with the Main Street Bridge Friday night, shutting down the bridge to traffic.

The ship, called the American Star, is a large river cruise boat and was attempting to moor on the South Bank before it drifted into the bridge, says the U.S. Coast Guard.

For almost three hours, the boat was stuck on the Main Street Bridge, but eventually, a tug boat was able to pull the ship free.

No damage was reported to the boat, but before the bridge can reopen an inspection must find no serious structural damage..

At this time, no injuries have been reported. Officials at the scene, however, say that 90 people were stuck on the boat while it was under the bridge.

Bridge inspectors are on scene and found slight damage to a beam on the underside of the bridge. An inspector familiar with the bridge has been called out to make the final determination on when the bridge might be reopened.

"It looked like it was in position to dock, but all of a sudden it started drifting out toward the bridge," says James Cannon, who was there as the ship struck the bridge. "And as it continued, it picked up speed and I never saw them out on the stopper - so the next thing you know you hear this loud crash! Bang! And it's stuck up under the Main Street Bridge now."

Photos: Cruise ship collides with the Main Street Bridge

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Also, for reasons unknown (but not unwanted), the other bridges' Twitter accounts have sent out their well-wishes to the Main Street Bridge: