ATLANTA -- A former police officer accused of allowing a murder fugitive to escape has been indicted by a Fulton County Grand Jury.

In March 2015, Atlanta Police tracked down wanted murder suspect Jabari Mathis to a home on James P. Brawley Drive. Eight officers, including then Atlanta Police Officer Tommy Williams, arrived on the scene to prevent Mathis from escaping.

Williams was assigned to guard the right side of the house with two windows, but moments after he took his post, another officer saw Mathis running from the same side of the house Williams was supposed to guard. The indictment alleged the former officer helped Mathis escape by crawling out of one of the windows. After the suspect got away, the indictment said Williams left the scene and "abandon[ed] his fellow officers."

Officers were able to capture Mathis less than 30 minutes later, tracking him down to the underside of a house. According to reports from the Atlanta Police Department, Mathis told officers "He let me go, he know me and I know him. Tommy Williams is like an uncle to me."

Williams, who joined the force in October 2012, was indicted with charges of Violation of Oath of Public Officer, Hindering Apprehension of a Criminal and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer.

If convicted by the jury, Williams could face up to 15 years in prison.