UPDATE! Just before 9 a.m., 11Alive received confirmation the 11-month-old toddler was found safe in a wooded area near the home. Check back with 11Alive.com for updated details as soon as they become available.

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Neighbors are happy after a night of being worried about a toddler's safety as temperatures dropped to the low 60s.

11Alive’s Jennifer Leslie was outside the home as family members rejoiced once learning Durante Cochran was safe.

“Thank God. Praise Jesus,” one neighbor said.

Baby Durante was found in a wooded area near the home.

“I was a nervous wreck and I’m still a nervous wreck,” Valarie Victom, who police say was staying in one of the nearby abandoned houses, found the toddler. “I reached out and grabbed him.”

Family members rushed inside the home with Durante after he was found. Another family member was seen coming to the home holding a box of fresh diapers.

The family of a missing toddler tells 11Alive News he fell asleep in his 6-year-old brother's arms beside their grandmother. When they woke up, 11-month-old Durante Cochran was gone.

Roshawna Jenkins, Durante's aunt, said the bottle he had with him when he fell asleep was also missing. "He's not that type of baby to wander off with someone," she said. "If anybody tried to pick him up, he's going to start screaming and hollering."

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Durante's brother, Stanley, said he placed the baby's bottle on the table right before they all fell asleep on the couch. "I don't know who got him," he told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

Atlanta Police say five adults and five children were in the home on Beecher Street last night when the boy disappeared. Family members say Durante started walking when he was nine months old, and the door to the home was found open. But when the Alpha Team Search and Rescue arrived with trained search dogs in an attempt to pick up a trail, they found nothing.

Police questioned the mother and father, and there is no evidence to suggest this is a custody issue.

All of the adults in the house are all being questioned by police and the FBI. The FBI joined the search because of the missing toddler's young age.