MORROW, Ga. -- Clayton County fire crews battled a massive fire that burned four homes last night in a residential neighborhood. 

A long time resident tells 11Alive his home caught fire first. Pho Nguyen says his wife was cooking in the kitchen.  That's what they believe started the flames that destroyed their home and damaged others.

Nguyen was able to get his family of four out of the burning home safely.

"I see it go high. Then it go low. Then it burn everything,” he said.

Photos | Clayton County fire spreads to neighbors' homes

It happened at 10:45 p.m. Monday night. Fire crews were met with dangerous flames that also burned James Calvins’ house. Calvin says he feared for his life.

"Fire coming from the house over there so I'm panicking now so I just ran out,” he recalled.

Everyone made it out safely. The Red Cross says nine people total were affected. The wife who was cooking in the kitchen is currently at Grady with minor fire injuries.

James Calvin says it could have been worse.

"Someone could have lost their life very easily. If it had been any later than what it was,” Calvin said.

Nguyen’s family is currently staying at a nearby hotel for the time being.