ATLANTA – Friends of two women who were found dead of an apparent drug overdose are telling 11Alive that something has got to change in order to prevent more needless deaths.

On Monday, local model Summer Moss, 32, and aspiring photographer Kate Green,28, were both found dead inside a Buckhead apartment after an apparent drug overdose. Now, police are trying to figure out if they took a bad batch of drugs.

Monday night, 11Alive's Duffie Dixon spoke with friends of the women who are devastated that the two young women, who had so much to live for, were found steps apart.

“When it became real that it was them, everything stopped. Just – everything around me stopped.”

According to a police report, around 9 p.m. Thursday, Moss was found in the bathroom with her left leg propped against the door frame. Responders found a purple straw with a white powdery substance in her right hand. Friends confirm it was heroin.

Not far away, investigators found Green lying on the bedroom floor with a white blanket pulled up to her chin. Police said investigators found two clear plastic-wrapped balls of a white-powdery substance, a pink container with blue pills and suspected marijuana.

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Photographer Chucky Kahng told 11Alive he knew both women. Moss was often the subject of his photos.

“If someone were to ask me on the street, ‘Who's Summer? Who is she?’ I'd say she's an angel,” he said. “She's beautiful inside and out. She made everyone feel welcome. She'd go out of her way to say hi.”

Friend Casey Murphy ran into Moss not long before her death and said she wishes she would have said or done something more.

“We all have demons. We've all battled something at some point in our life,” she said. “The truth of the matter is sometimes you might not even have that solid foundation, but that's where you turn to friends.”

As outgoing as Moss was, friends said Green was almost the opposite.

“Kate, I got to know her through her passion for fashion and photography,” Kahng said. “She is very deep. She doesn't like to make a lot of friends. I was blessed to be her friend.”

Sadly, friends of the two women said their circle has lost others to drugs, and they still have unanswered questions. One of those is whether the women may have overdosed on a bad batch of drugs found in Forsyth County just last week.

Last Monday, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office reported a huge bust of drugs and two subsequent overdoses. Authorities said the drugs seized was heroin cut with the deadly drug fentanyl – something users may not realize until it’s too late.

Investigators are still looking into the connection, but likely, investigators will wait on the toxicology reports to give them a better idea of how much of the drug was in each woman's body, what kind of heroin it was and what it may have been mixed with.

Meanwhile, friends of Green and Moss said they are hoping their deaths will spark change so their lives were not in vain.

“Something has to change,” Kahng said.

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