DAWSONVILLE, Ga. -- A north Georgia couple is going to be walking down an aisle of a different kind after a sweet proposal at a local Kroger grocery store.

Rosbeth LoProseti, 26, and Kevin Leath, 36, are looking forward to getting married after getting engaged last month, but their journey to marriage is making thousands online smile and send well-wishes to the happy couple.

Their story began two years ago when Rosbeth LoPresti and Kevin Leath first met -- at Kroger. The 26-year-old had just been hired as the store's new assistant manager in the same store where he worked as a Produce Specialist.

Rosbeth said Kevin, 36, had asked her on a couple dates when she had first gotten there, but she turned him down. "I was new to the company," she said. She was still trying to learn the ropes and didn't think the time was right. Until one day last summer, when she decided to give it a shot.

"I finally said yes to our first date around July last year," Rosbeth said.

Fast forward nearly a year later, to when Kevin asked Rosbeth's parents for her hand in marriage, the old-fashioned way.

"He asked my mom and told her that his plans for the proposal were going to be in a hot-air balloon," Rosbeth recalled, adding that she was deathly afraid of heights. She said her mom gently guided Kevin away from that concept for a more meaningful one, but Rosbeth had no idea what was in store.

It was the morning of June 3, when Rosbeth arrived to open the store for her shift at 7 a.m. She was supposed to be helping out with the usual Junior cooking class, but on this day, she was rushed by several of her fellow Kroger associates who greeted her. It was at that point that Rosbeth knew something was going on.

"My friend sent me upstairs to put some lipstick on and freshen up, and at that point, I started to suspect," she joked. "Then I saw his family in the wine department and I knew."

Over the course of the proposal, Rosbeth said 100 of her co-workers presented her with a red rose. Each included a message from Kevin of something he loved about her. It all led up to the final rose, hand-delivered by Kevin's son Mason in front of co-workers and customers alike, with the four-letter question: "Will you marry me?"

The answer: "I said yes!"

Rosbeth said it was a very special moment. And while she said the proposal was anything but typical, it was sweet and touching, nonetheless.

"You work with these people every day and I spend so much time there, these work people become your family," she said. "That's one of the reasons he wanted to propose at Kroger, because he knew it would be special."

Rosebeth said she and her groom-to-be are excited and ready for a life together, one they feel was blessed by God.

"We just feel like we're perfect for each other," she said. "He (Kevin) supports me in my ambitions and everything I do."

She also said she hopes her story can be an example for love to others, especially younger people. "Sometimes, in our generation, it's hard to find love, and sometimes we have to try some new things," she said. And while the age gap is not typical, she said her fiance Kevin is "a great example of how a man should treat a woman."

Kevin and Rosbeth will tie the knot later this year at the Atlanta National Golf Club in October.