ATLANTA -- Fulton County officials say they are trying to backtrack on thousands of erroneous letters sent to voters this week. The letters misdirect voters to go to the wrong precincts on election day.

It is familiar territory for Fulton County, which has had a persistent history of mucking up the business of accurately sending voters of getting the right issues in front of voters at the correct precincts. This latest mistake affects some 23,000 households.

"At first I was glad. It seemed like a helpful letter," said Susan White, describing the day this week when she opened her letter from Fulton County. It appeared to tell her the location of her election day voting precinct. But something, she says, seemed very much amiss. "And I noticed it was from Fulton County. And I’m actually in DeKalb County," White said.

She also noticed the letter sent her to a precinct at a church nearly three miles from her house – instead of her normal precinct at a school just one block from her house. She looked up her voter info on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, which confirmed that the letter from Fulton County was quite wrong.

"If you only have a limited time to vote, and you’re getting something that’s telling you to go miles away, and you go there and that’s not correct, you could lose your vote," said White.

Turns out White has plenty of company. Fulton County says it sent out about 23,000 letters with erroneous information – which is about eight percent of the county's households with active voters. Fulton County released a statement saying the “mailings were mistakenly forwarded if a change of address had been filed with USPS within the last four years…. We are working with our vendor to mail letters to the households that did not receive the mailing.”

White says she finds it baffling. "You know what? Don’t even send a letter if it’s going to be erroneous," she said.

Fulton County says it will send corrective letters to voters who live in Fulton who got the erroneous information. White lives in DeKalb. She probably won’t get a corrective letter. Fulton says anybody outside the county getting a voting letter from Fulton should just disregard the letter.