GAINSEVILLE, Ga. - For 51 years, Kenneth Neidenbach has been in the business of selling pets.

Not just ordinary pets.

"We are a specialty shop. You are not going to find what we have in Petsmart. That's the only way I've made it over the years," he said.

At Village Pets located at 1500 Brown Bridge Road, you can find animals ranging from puppies, monitor lizards and snakes. But Neidenbach said it was a human snake that recently stole nearly $1,000 worth of reptiles from his store. 

One Savannah monitor lizard worth $70, three red tail boa constrictors worth $250 and a three foot iguana worth $100 were missing when his store manager opened the business Saturday morning.

"The shop was locked. They picked the lock," he said.

Neidenbach calls the theft "selective stealing." "They know what they want. They had an order somewhere," he said.

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The 77-year-old said his business has been burglarized at least 11 times over the years. Just two weeks ago, he said two baby bearded dragons were stolen from his store. As for security cameras, Neidenbach said he stopped investing in them because the thieves find a work around.

Neidenbach doubts the person responsible for the theft will be caught and said this will probably be his last year in business. " We live in those times. Today, people's morals are gone. I'm tired. I have grandchildren I would like to spend more time with."