CANTON, Ga.-- President elect Donald Trump has had a tumultuous two weeks since election day. It has included him shifting positions on some key issues, like the border wall with Mexico, and repealing the Affordable Care Act.

In Cherokee County, Trump backers have high hopes for his presidency. Trump got three times the votes Hillary Clinton got in Cherokee County.

"I hope he cleans house," said Charlotte Sims, who was solidly behind Trump before the election and remains so two weeks later.

"With all the things he mentioned he would do, I believe he’ll do it all," Sims said. Yet she's also heard Trump say he would likely only build part of the wall with Mexico. "That's enough. Yeah, yeah," she said, agreeing with Trump's willingness to scale back the project.

"I don’t think he can build a wall completely on the border," agreed Kim Elwell, another Trump voter. "Geographically, probably impossible."

Tom Bitner, another Cherokee County Trump backer, also agreed.

"I don’t think it’ll ever be built to be honest about you," Bitner said. "We just wanted a change and now we’ve got to see what happens."

Similarly, the Trump voters we spoke are with Trump on repealing the Affordable Care Act – except for the good parts.

"Yeah. I think that’s good," Sims said.

"You have to keep some of it. You have to keep the best part of it.," Bitner said.

One Trump voter told us he never expected Trump to actually try to accomplish everything he said he would as a candidate.

His shifting "doesn’t really surprise me. He never really completed a thought during the entire election," said Eric Rhonehouse of Ball Ground, who nonetheless voted for Trump. "He would say stuff to get people excited. But no one ever heard the rest of the story about how he would pull any of this off. So I feel like it was his way of marketing to people, and that’s what this election was about is marketing."