Gladys Knight Signature Chicken & Waffles is under a health investigation after receiving a "U" grade on a health inspection.

The Peachtree St. staple failed their most recent health inspection with a grade of 44 out of 100 on Oct. 6. The Fulton County Department of Public Health posted the results on their website.

In the report, the restaurant is cited for violations that include handling food with ungloved hands, "heavy grease, dirt, dust, build-up on floor, walls, ceiling" and roaches.

"Observed 2 dead roaches, 2 live roaches in the kitchen area," the report read. According to the report, this is a repeat violation, as is heavy fruit fly activity.

The restaurant was found out of compliance in areas that include clean and properly washed hands, clean and sanitized food-contact surfaces, cold holding temperatures and date marking procedures and toxic substances properly identified.

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The inspected was sparked by a complaint. The restaurant passed their two prior inspections with an 81 on September 9 and a 90 and March 7.

The restaurant has a follow up inspection scheduled for October 16. They will also have a Intervention hearing with the department of public health and receive heath education and training.

Gladys Knight Signature Chicken & Waffles is named after the soul icon but operated by her son, Shanga Hankerson. They are in the midst of a lawsuit to remove Knight's name from the embattled restaurant.

Gladys Knight's attorneys said Hankerson forfeited the right to use her name the day he turned himself in to police on the criminal charges... and now he's fighting to keep it.

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The troubled restaurant owner is charged with stealing $650,000 in taxes owed to the state of Georgia.