GORDON COUNTY, Ga. -- A Gordon County Board of Education member was arrested for the second time in a year last week.

According to the incident report, Ricky Smith was pulled over right before midnight on June 18 after running a red light and was later arrested for driving with a suspended license and three counts of possession of schedule 4,5 drugs.

Smith was released on bond last August after being arrested on 19 charges, including nine counts of identity fraud, seven counts of financial transaction card theft, and one count of theft by taking, criminal trespass and influencing a witness.

According to the indictment from the August charges, he was accused of stealing a wallet from a woman's home that contained her driver's license, multiple credit cards and approximately $200. After she pressed charges, Smith allegedly contacted her "demanding that she get criminal charges dropped... regarding the taking of her wallet and its contents and the unauthorized use of her financial transaction cards."

Smith's bond was revoked July 6 after the new charges were added.

Gordon County School District said they were aware of Smith's arrest, but said Smith remained on the Board of Education.

"Because Mr. Smith is a constitutional officer, elected by the voters of Gordon County, the Gordon County Board of Education has limited authority over Mr. Smith’s position on the Board of Education," said Board of Education spokesperson Amy Parker.

Smith has over a year left in his 4-year term and "Removal from office wold likely require a recall, which is exceptionally difficult within Georgia," said a board member.

The board said it would continue to update the community as the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office completes its investigation.