ATLANTA -- With Georgia in an extreme drought, residents are being told to conserve water.

So you can imagine the frustration when they see substantial water leaks on their streets and are then forced to wait weeks for the problem to be fixed.

Now they're contacting 11Alive to hold the city accountable.

For several communities, it's a waiting game. And they're tired of seeing so much water go to waste - especially during these drought conditions.

Viewers stressed their concerns on social media, phone calls and emails.

One example of the problem is a water leak flowing on the side of Chatham Road that has been flowing for 7 weeks now.

"I would say it's a personal stream but it's a stream we'd rather not have," resident Doug McLean.

11Alive was there the previous week when McLean called us about the leak. Atlanta Watershed said it would be fixed no later than Friday.

But when we went back out there, it was still flowing.

"Here we are again," McClean said.

When 11Alive called back Friday, Atlanta Watershed said it would be taken care of Saturday. Crews have already started doing preliminary work marking off what area needs work.

Residents said that, at first, they were told it would take 40 days.

When we asked Atlanta Watershed, they said every call is handled based on severity but wouldn’t confirm a time frame.

However, McClean said it is a severe issue that should have been handled immediately.

"Some of it is filtering underneath the ground here and creating a potential for a sinkhole," he said.

Another viewer sent video of a water leak along Ponce De Leon Avenue near Briarcliff.

He said that he’s been told it'll take 45 days to fix.

Now, some are taking their concerns to social media hoping their complaints are handled with a better sense of urgency.

11Alive asked Atlanta Watershed how many phone calls they get about water leaks every week, if there's a trend and what their usual response time is.

They said they'll get back to us sometime in the next week with those numbers.