SUWANEE, Ga. -- Just days after a high school student drowned after jumping off a Gwinnett County bridge into the Chattahoochee River below, other teens continue to disregard the danger.

Now, 11Alive is asking questions about who owns the bridge and could be liable for it.

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Over the weekend, 17-year-old Mountain View High School soccer standout Perez Tamfu died at Settles Bridge Park, a popular summer hang out in the Suwanee area. But even after his death made headlines, local teens are still flocking to the site.

11Alive's Ron Jones went to the abandoned bridge Tuesday and talked to one teen who had a rope in hand, leading a few of his buddies to the bridge to jump.

"I guess it's just the thrill aspect of it," the teen told Jones. "I just jump off the bridge all the time. I don't think it's that dangerous."

While Jones did discourage the teens from jumping, the warnings went unheeded. He then called authorities, in case anything happened and in hopes it would further discourage them.

Those who visit the river say authorities are going to have a tough time keeping teens away. Josh Carden is a fisherman and said: "I know when I was that age I was doing the same thing," he told 11Alive.

Walking along the trail, it's clear there are no warning signs, no barriers, no obstructions to keep people away from Settles Bridge. So 11Alive wanted to know who is liable for the unprotected bridge.

We found through the Gwinnett County assessor's office that the bridge belongs to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Because it was late in the day when 11Alive found out that information, we are still waiting to hear back from GDOT with confirmation that that's the case.

UPDATE: The Georgia Department of Transportation reached back out to 11Alive and said that it no longer owns the bridge. GDOT said they abandoned the bridge in the 1950s. We are still working to find out who exactly owns the structure.