Fulton County Schools released new results in its system-wide test for the presence of lead in drinking water. Fulton County Schools began testing their water after an 11Alive investigation about the lack of lead testing in local school districts.

The latest test results show one school passed and six failed. The schools that failed are:

  • Holcomb Bridge Middle School: 3 water sources failed including a kitchen sink, a fountain and a classroom sink.
  • Mountain Park Elementary School: 3 sources failed including two kitchen sinks and a water fountain
  • Haynes Bridge Middle School: 2 sources failed including a sink in a classroom and another in a clinic
  • Seaborn Lee Elementary School: 2 sources failed including a classroom fountain and kitchen sink **
  • Crabapple Middle School: 1 source failed - a classroom fountain
  • Mimosa Elementary School: 1 source failed which was a classroom fountain

** The school system chose to measure with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limit of 15 parts per billion (ppb) for public water systems rather than the 20 ppb required for schools. Of those tested, one fountain at Seaborn Lee failed but was under 20 ppb

When 11Alive first ran its story the system had planned to check six older facilities with plumbing fixtures installed before 1986.

In October, the school system reported that "recent events" had prompted them to test all schools - 119 campuses in all. The current tests included seven schools.

Of them six had one or more water sources that surpassed limits. The highest levels included a kitchen sink at Mountain Park Elementary with 252 ppb and a classroom fountain at Mimosa Elementary with 128 ppb.

"Any water sources with results indicating limits exceeding 15 ppb will be disconnected and will remain so until the issues have been corrected," Superintendent Jeff Rose said.

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