ATLANTA -- The City of Atlanta is considering plans to build a parking deck in Grant Park that would go up right next to Zoo Atlanta.

The proposed multi-level garage would be three stories and built “semi-underground” with a green roof. While residents have been told it’s intended to meet “a parking demand,” some think it would be a waste of money.

The deck would replace an eight-acre parking lot property right next to the zoo. Residents near the space now told 11Alive's Neima Abdulahi it’s not needed because the current lot barely fills up.

“I’m not convinced there’s a need for a lot of extra parking here," one resident said. "I think it would be an eye sore.”

11Alive contacted the city of Atlanta's Department of Procurement, which said the proposal is still in the bidding process. A Department of Procurement official said the deck would accommodate current and future parking problems.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Grant Park Neighborhood Association said its not opposed to the project. Some residents in the area said that they wouldn't mind having a parking deck, especially when there are large events and finding a parking spot is tough.

“They park in front of people’s driveways," resident Ian McCann explained. "They park on both sides of the street when there’s only one side street parking.”

11Alive wanted to know whether the project might be part of an expansion plan for Grant Park, and how much the project would cost, but wasn't able to get those answers.

A meeting is planned for Tuesday Oct. 18 at Atlanta City Hall, and that's when all questions and concerns will be addressed.