ATLANTA -- A middle school student accused of bringing a gun and ammo to class will spend 30 days in custody, 11Alive learned late Thursday.

This comes amid allegations he also threatened to kill a teacher at McNair Middle School. Now the parents of students who attend the school are responding.

"Threatening a teacher, I mean ho could he get that mad and bring a gun and want to kill somebody," one parent asked.

In the initial police report from the school filed the day the gun was found, there's no mention of any prior threats. It states the student had the gun and a clip of bullets in his backpack and then asked a girl if she needed her backpack. He stashed his bag inside hers.

But the female student later got scared and alerted administrators. But the letter home to parents simply said a "weapon was located in a book bag in a classroom."

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After teacher said student threatened him, gun found in book bag

Parents weren't aware that of the details surrounding the gun - or that it was loaded.

"That wasn't in the letter at all. And I didn't know anything about the ammo."

The parent also didn't know that he had threatened a teacher two weeks before.

"No, didn't hear that, either," the parent said. "And I have two kids that go here."

The parent added that she felt they should have included this information.

"My kids are involved here so that gun could have hit anybody," she said. "All this killing we have going around these schools - of course that's a parent's worst concern."

The student in custody is due in court again to address the gun and ammo brought to school. Then, it's up to the judge what happens to him.

As for whether he returns to school, the district said that if he's found guilty, he faces long term suspension and possibly expulsion.