After years of complaints about ParkAtlanta, the city is ready to transfer to its new parking vendor.

The contract of ParkAtlanta, which handled Atlanta's parking enforcement since 2009, ended last year.

The company paid the city $5 million a year for the right to issue tickets in the city. The new vendor, SP Plus, will pay Atlanta $7 million. That has some drivers worried about where that extra $2 million will come from.

Brent Jones has been fighting the city for months over a dozen parking tickets he says he never received.

“I've tried to see a judge,” Jones. “But you can't see a judge unless you've disputed a parking ticket unless it's within two weeks of receiving the ticket. But I never received a ticket, so I don't know what else to do.”

Park Atlanta wrote the tickets within a two-week period a year ago, but Jones said he never saw any tickets on his car. When he got another parking ticket this February, they towed it.

“I feel like my car has been stolen from me,” Jones said.

Jones said he now has so many late and impound fees, he can't afford to get his car out.

According to the city of Atlanta ordinance, a car is supposed to be booted after three tickets, which he says he could have afforded to pay off.

“They let me accumulate 13 tickets before they took action,” Jones said.

The complaints are nothing new.

ParkAtlanta has dozens of negative reviews online alleging unfair practices. They're unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau and have a B- rating.

The city put the service out for bid last June looking for a new vendor and settled on SP Plus Solutions.
SP Plus has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but drivers worry that a better rating will come at a cost.

The city of Atlanta says they are not increasing fines, meter, or parking costs, and that SP Plus will work with ParkAtlanta to resolve any unpaid tickets.

SP Plus is set to take over in a few months.