MARIETTA, Ga. – Police arrested a man for an attempted carjacking that happened at a gas station in Marietta on Tuesday.

Officers were dispatched to 600 S. Marietta Parkway at 6:41 p.m. on Tuesday. According to police, Lan Weddington approached the victim acting as if he had a gun in his pants and said, “I will blow your brains out” while demanding the keys to the victim’s 2002 Corvette.

The victim complied, gave up the keys and Weddington allegedly fled the scene in the victim’s car.  Officers saturated the area and were able locate the Corvette on Merritt St.

Officers observed Weddington walking away from the Corvette and said he appeared to be fidgety.

As officers proceeded to make contact with Weddington, he jumped on top of a nearby vehicle, pushed his hands down into his pockets and swiftly removed and pointed his hands at officers, as if to simulate having a gun.

When officers did not immediately take action towards Weddington, he acted as if he was having a medical emergency. MPD officers then surrounded Weddington and were able to place him into custody without incident. Weddington was transported to Kennestone Hospital due to his current state and was later transported to Cobb ADC. 

During the encounter with police, Weddington’s family had arrived on scene. Weddington’s wife witnessed the actions of her husband and praised MPD officers for not shooting him.

It was believed that Weddington was attempting to be shot by police.  The officers were able to get him into custody without anyone being injured.