LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – A local landscape company is accused of leaving several former customers high and dry and full of empty promises—evading questions and accountability.

“The wall is crooked and uneven,” DeShawn Howard, a disgruntled Lawrenceville, Ga., homeowner, said. Howard is one of three consumers who hired Complete Landscape Solutions, but claim its owner, David Olsen, did not finish the work.

Howard hired the company this past April to install sod in his backyard. Among many problems, Howard said Olsen incorrectly leveled his yard, making his shed flood when it rains.

According to records provided to 11Alive, Howard claimed Olsen owes him $4,000. Months later, Howard claims he still hasn’t received any money or a response.

“I’m blocked from telephone calls, he doesn’t answer the emails,” Howard said.

And he’s not alone.

DeShawn Howard’s shed flooded after he claims the landscaper, David Olsen, improperly installed sod in his yard

Carol Hyder, also of Lawrenceville, said she hired Olsen to install sod a few months ago as well.

“The damage was basically everywhere,” she said showing her backyard. According to Hyder, Olsen broke numerous sprinkler heads in her yard in the process, but never paid her for the damage.

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In a letter from Hyder’s credit card company, she was reimbursed her the $4,085 after Olsen ghosted her.

“I didn’t do my homework basically. He came out, game me a good speech and I trusted him,” she said.

Chanda Rae paid Olsen to cut down a tree in her backyard in 2014.

He marked it with this yellow rope. So, she was surprised to find Olsen accidentally cut the wrong tree down.

“He said, ‘Oops,’ when I confronted Olsen about it,” Rae said.

A judge ordered Olsen to pay Rae $2,100. So far, that hasn’t happened.

It’s not just former consumers who said Olsen owes them money.

In 2016, Gwinnett County Police arrested him in connection to writing Buck Jones Nursery a bad check worth $1,300.

For months, the 11Alive Investigators tried to get Olsen’s side of the story, calling and texting him to let him know we “want to give you a chance to provide any clarity and perspective.”

He never responded to our requests for an interview. When 11Alive Investigator Andy Pierrotti tracked him down in person, Olsen slammed on his gas and drove off in his pick-up truck.

Most of the customers hired Olsen right on the spot, never getting other estimates. The Better Business Bureau said that’s where they went wrong.

“If it’s a company you’re not familiar with, you want to make sure you get references…Don’t just assume that they give you references then they must be good references, call those people and find out,” Fred Elsberry, with the Atlanta BBB, said.

Now, his alleged victims just want him to own up to what he did… or rather, what they said he didn’t do.

“Just be honest… do the right thing,” Hyder said. “David, give me my money, please,” Rae pleaded.