Who's ready for a very unlikely singing duo?

Well, it's coming and it's probably one of the most hilarious promos you will see.

Famous wrestler, John Cena and NBA giant, Shaq, team up in a Carpool Karaoke video, but unfortunately, they've only released the promo.

However, the promo alone is pretty funny.

In the video you can see snippets of the two athletes jamming to 80s and 90s music as well as Shaq acting like his typical, goofball self. The video was originally shot in Atlanta.

Cena posted the same promo to his Twitter account and Shaq actually posted a photo of himself and Cena in Atlanta back in January.

Chillin with the great John Cena. Carpool karaoke comin soon

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Who else is excited about the full Carpool Karaoke with these two? The series is available on Apple Music.

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