At just two-years-old, Rylan Ruble has a need for speed. He drives his electric red corvette around his East Knoxville neighborhood.

"He's been driving since before he could walk," said his father Jacob Ruble.

On Tuesday, Rylan showed off his corvette to a few Knoxville Police Officers during National Night Out, an event that brings communities and police officers together.

Rylan also showed his appreciation for the officers when he "escorted" the officers safely around his neighborhood.

The Knoxville Police Department shared a photo of Rylan's escort to Twitter and Facebook.

On Wednesday, KPD Officer John Morgan visited Rylan and gave him a few gifts to show his appreciation.

"We saw the picture from last night and it was great so we wanted to come back out and give him a little goody bag from our department just saying how much we love him participating with our officers and playing with us and all that," Morgan said.

Rylan showed Morgan how to do a donut and the many features of his red corvette.

Rylan and his dad cruise their neighborhood often, doing their own neighborhood patrol.

"We will go out and cruise the streets of the neighborhood around dusk and dark or so and we’ll just make four or five laps or until we get tired or whatever," Jacob Ruble said.

The father and son want the Knoxville Police Department to know they have their backs, just like they have each other's.