LILBURN, Ga. -- Lilburn Police are searching for a trio of suspects who they believe are targeting victims at a local bank.

Police said they have been tracking several thefts at a Lilburn Bank of America since July of 2015, most of which occurred after bank customers withdrew large sums of cash. The last three instances, police said, were in April of 2017.

According to police, the crimes varied from month to month in frequency, but were always on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Police said the suspects, two men and a woman, seem to be targeting Hispanic men. When the victims left the bank, police said the suspects would tail them in a car to their destination. When the victim got out of the car, one of the three suspects would follow on foot and, once the victim is far enough away, use a cell phone to let the others know when to break into the victim's vehicle.

Investigators have released photos of the suspects, and said the suspects used two cars to commit the crimes: a 2002 Nissan and a 2003-2004 Honda Civic.

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Police said there have been many other similar cases at another Bank of America in Oakwood, but the Lilburn Police Department cannot confirm if the same three suspects are responsible, due to lack of video evidence.

Investigators are advising everyone leaving a bank with a large sum of cash to secure the money in a pocket or purse before stepping out of the building. They also recommend refraining from having it visible, making sure to lock all doors and even taking an alternate route to assure no one is following you.

If anyone has any information on the suspects, they're asked to contact Lilburn Police Investigator C. Belcher at 770-638-2220.