ATLANTA -- Charges have been filed after a student was punched in the face at school, and it was all caught on video.

Wednesday afternoon, a Gwinnett County father reached out to 11Alive News to show us a video of his son being punched in the face at his Gwinnett County high school.

David Egan is a sophomore at Parkview High School. His father, Daniel, says the student was leaving weight lifting class Tuesday morning when he was confronted by another student in the locker room, accused of stealing his tennis shoes.

11Alive News has not been able to contact the student who threw the punch to hear his side of what happened leading up to the incident, however, according to Gwinnett Schools PIO Sloan Roach, the student was charged with battery.

11Alive asked to speak to the school regarding the attack. Director of Media Relations Jorge Quintana issued the following statement, saying the accused student was charged on a juvenile complaint and released to his parents:

I've checked with the district and we won't be doing interviews on this case as it is a discipline issue and now a legal one for the juvenile who hit the student.

The district confirmed that the student did report his shoes missing the day before the incident, and an assistant principal was investigating the theft.

The video shows Egan getting punched in the face by another student. He stumbles toward the lockers, seemingly in a daze. The video shows him getting shoved, then seconds later, hit with another punch that knocks him to the ground.

"He hit him very hard at the top of his nose, which means he actually broke where the nose connects to the skull," Egan said of his son's injuries.

Egan said his son had reconstructive surgery Wednesday morning.

The father said he won't send his son back to Parkview High School.

"This is my child," Daniel Egan said. "How would you feel if you saw a person fracturing his face, smashing him up against a locker, punching him so hard that it breaks his nose off his skull?"

Egan is questioning why the school didn't do more. Instead of calling for an ambulance, Egan said the school called him to pick up his son.

According to the Gwinnett County 911 Center, there were no emergency calls requested to the school on the day of the incident. In an email, district officials told 11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom that injured students are typically taken to a medical clinic for treatment, and then parents are called.

Sloan Roach, a spokesperson with Gwinnett County Schools, said school police are investigating the incident and have taken disciplinary action against the student who threw the punch. The district would not say if the student will be returning to Parkview.

District officials said that the incident remains under investigation and they are working to identify any other students involved in the incident. They said that they could not release details if any other students were disciplined.

READ the the school police report here.

The police report states a misdemeanor charge of battery was charged. No names are given, as the boys are 16 and considered juvenile. Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter talked with 11Alive's Ross McLaughlin about the case.

11Alive's Matt Pearl talked with students at Parkview, many who said they weren't surprised about the incident.

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