ATLANTA-- Little Five Points is poised to get a makeover. The northeast Atlanta district is known for its artsy and sometimes gritty vibe The question is: will the changes smooth out its rough edges too much?

Little five points is durably independent, more than a bit anti-establishment and folks who come here like it that way. Now some folks want to come in here to “make it better.” And they say they will.

Little Five Points fits many descriptions. It is sometimes loud, often multicultural, a bit gritty and sometimes unruly and unpredictable.

It's also one of Atlanta’s steadiest pedestrian destinations. Yet for all its foot traffic, Little Five Points isn’t as pedestrian friendly as it seems.

"It was badly designed to close this off (Euclid Avenue) and not do something to widen that (sidewalk on Moreland Avenue). That is very dangerous, said Anna Foote, a member of the L5P Community Improvement District.

The narrow sidewalk threads a needle between busy Moreland Avenue and the brick building housing the Corner Pub.

"And we have witnessed people – not necessarily drunk, but could be – walk right out into the street or fall into the street because you’ve got large groups of people going around that corner, and it’s not five feet wide," Foote said.

So the plan is to raise the curb and widen the sidewalk.

Another is a new bike lane, installed a couple of weeks ago.

And there’s a plan is to eliminate the wrought iron fences that inexplicably surround the trees on the pedestrian space called Findlay Plaza.

Residents can provide feedback at a meeting at L5P's Sevananda store Saturday morning. The long-term plan for the neighborhood is here.